Co Jak Construction

Need more from your home? Call us!

Has your family grown? Would you like your home to be bigger without having to move? Just give us a call and discuss what additions you have in mind. Our team can work with you to plan, design, and build the addition that'll make your home feel new.


We have experience in a wide variety of additions so don't hesitate to ask about what we can do for you whether it's a new basement or adding on a bathroom.

Extensive network of experts

Because we've been in the field for over 30 years, we've developed an extensive network of certified, trained, and insured plumbers, electricians, painters and architects who work with us to ensure you always receive quality, efficient results.

Additions and more

We can add all kinds of things onto your home or business including:

- Basements

- Kitchens and bathrooms

- Porches and decks

Roofs, Doors, Windows

Not only can we build any kind of addition you're looking for, we can also install new doors, windows, and replace your roof.  So whether you need just a few installations on your home or business or an entire room, we have the experience to help.

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